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A big welcome to my website

          Hi there, welcome to my website and thanks for swinging by.  Here’s the place to find out about my books, what’s coming along, a little about me and how you can contact me to tell me if you think I’m doing okay, if you like a particular character or if there’s something about the book that especially resonates with you.  That last is so important to all writers and I’m right up there with most of them.  Let me know.


        Meanwhile enjoy a trawl around, Even better if you have a moment it would be great if you could email me and let me have your thoughts on my books and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 


A Single Journey

      When a reputation is all you have, what price is it worth to protect it? In A Single Journey, Harriet Flynn, alone and almost penniless, decides no price is too high to rescue her own.

Available in Bookshops and on Amazon

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Coming soon

A Short Break

           Beth Gilpin had it all going for her, a career as a probation officer, wanting to put the world to rights and with a passionate husband.  Now she's trying to find the person she once was, to find love, be happy.   But how can she go forward when her dead husband's voice constantly holds her back? 


         Stella Whitford just wants a little life to call her own.  Quiet, submissive, for years she has cared for her domineering mother, until one day she snaps.   But now she's just another ex-con looking for a way forward.  Can these two women help each other find the future they want,  or will who they really are destroy them both?

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