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Shocked at the sudden remarriage of her father so soon after her adored adoptive mother’s death, TV producer Anna Minstrel, does not fit in with his new family.  But her battered feelings have to rapidly be put aside with the eruption into her life of her Italian birth mother, the wildly glamorous Sophia Grescobaldi who wants forgiveness for giving her up and for Anna to  come to Rome to be reconciled with her birth father who has only days to live and also wants Anna’s forgiveness.

Wealthy and hopelessly immoral,  her new Italian relatives captivate Anna, but in Sophia she finds echoes of her own life on the edge of an unknown family. 

Against the advice of Julio, the Grescobaldi’s disturbingly astute lawyer, Anna agrees to go to Rome with results leaving Anna to try and fit her shattered life back together again

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