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Also known as The Fight Before Christmas

As Christmas approaches, assailed on all sides by those who want the day to suit them, Claire Simons  is at her wits end. Her list of things to do is frighteningly long, her boss piles ever more work onto her, and her two children want her ex husband to spend the day with them. 


Even the vicar mistakenly thinks a single working mother would welcome being roped in with finding  costumes for the nativity play, to help him get Christmas under way.
Saying no is not Claire’s forte, but when her daughter disappears and Robert Carrington, a new manager at work comes to her rescue to try and find her, Claire has a new dilemma.

After all the rage and angst of her divorce is she ready for a new relationship?

Soon, the list of those coming for Christmas is getting longer and longer and more complicated.  Her father wants to bring his new ‘friend’, her ex mother-in-law feels it her duty to support her son, her father’s new love wants to cook lunch and all Claire cares about is can she keep the peace just for one day?  Is that to much to ask?


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