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Harriet Flynn’s life is  in freefall.  What she needs is a proper plan if her struggling jewelery business is to survive.  But what?

Rescue comes when her elderly Russian-born neighbour Elena,  who has come to rely on Harriet to care for her,  suddenly dies, leaving her everything in her will. Harriet’s life is transformed but without warning  Elena’s unknown and ridiculously wealthy family who live in Berlin appear, successfully accusing her of co-ercing a vulnerable old woman and force Harriet to return the lot.  

Her reputation in ruins, and nothing to lose, Harriet sets off to Berlin to confront this family who are destroying her life.  But even Harriet isn't prepared for what awaits her there.

Alone and almost penniless in a strange city fighting for justice, she needs all her courage not to give up, but when she meets the scholarly, perceptive Neil, struggling with a complicated marriage,  who tries to help Harriet in her mission, she must also decide if she can fight for love too.

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