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Devastated when James, her husband, leaves her for another woman, Rachel knows a fresh start is the only way to put her old life behind her.  Promoting holidays in Rome seems perfect.  


A new job, in the most romantic city in the world. She can hardly believe her luck when not only does she excel at her job, her new boss is illegally handsome but makes her feel very welcome and is clearly besotted.

 Thus begins her Italian journey, which rapidly turns into a highly complicated juggling act of trying to work, keep Marco happy, fielding ever more desperate emails from James and dealing with the arrival of the erratic chef Luke O’Hanlon who once ditched Rachel for another publicist on the eve of her marriage to James.

Will everything fall into place or start to fall apart when Rachel is faced with having to find out if she was really ready to leave her old life behind or be prepared to learn a thing or two about what she really wants?

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