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When disaster strikes,  single working mother, Rosie Colville, is finally forced to confront the unpalatable fact that life with her adored nine year old son, Tom, along with her interior design company, is inescapably unless she urgently finds a solution to her exhausting life, going hopelessly in the wrong direction.

If she’d been less tired, less desperate maybe she would have not have accepted her unreliable ex-husband’s offer to help but it looms enticingly if  dangerously, as the answer.

Bewilderingly Rory – whose once painful  indifference to family life,   makes no secret of his desire to be a family again.  Rosie hesitates, but it’s a roof over Tom’s head, they can share his care. 
Rosie’s friends are appalled.  Not a reconciliation, she insists. It’s business she tells them.  A modern way to co-parent. 


But what kind of business  is this, and can she trust her ex to keep his side of the bargain?

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